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Beckenham SKC

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Beckenham SKC

Beckenham SKC was founded on 4th September 1999 by Chief Sensei Roger Fabri.

Over the last 22 years under Sensei Roger Fabri, the club has gone from strength to strength. There are now students who have been coming for over 20 years and a large number of the black belts have trained there since complete beginners. 

The club caters for a broad age range from kids to pensioners.

Sensei Roger’s no-nonsense approach to teaching and attention to detail has proved popular and the club often welcomes visitors from other clubs.

The club likes to invite quality guest instructors from time to time, attends special courses and offers participation at tournaments for those wishing to compete. 

The club has a great feeling of family, where everyone supports each other, not only for karate but in general life also.

Now, as his daughter and grand daughter are ready to have their own club, Sensei Roger has joined forces with them and Shirley SKC is now a sister club to Beckenham SKC.

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