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A true Karate Instructor can take you anywhere—from learning new skills and techniques to achieving your athletic goals. Our Sensei's are eager to help you start a new chapter of strength and wellness. If you’re looking for someone reliable to take you on this fitness journey, you’re in the right place. Are you ready to make progress?

Elbow strike
Chief Sensei Roger Fabri

Chief Sensei Roger Fabri

Chief Sensei Roger Fabri started training in 1985 under Sensei Roy Tomlin 5th Dan, at Lewisham SKC. He was the first person in the Fabri family to begin karate training. He passed his Shodan on the same day as his daughter in 1990. 
During his years training, Sensei Roger has competed and won many national and regional titles in both Kata and Kumite.
He has attend various course in the UK, under both masters Sensei Enoeda, 9th Dan (1935 - 2003), Sensei Ohta, 7th Dan and other various instructors from around the world, as well as going to Japan himself to train.
Sensei Roger founded Beckenham SKC in 1999 and has been teaching there ever since, with the club going from strength to strength.

Chief Sensei
Clare Fabri

Chief Sensei Clare started training alongside her father in 1986 at the age of 5 years old at Lewisham SKC under Sensei Roy Tomlin,  5th dan. She is the 2nd generation Fabri to obtain her Shodan, which she passed on the same day as her father in December 1990 at the age of 9. At the time she was one of, if not the youngest female black belt in South London. Over the years she has entered and won in several competitions, including regional and national tournaments in kata and kumite, winning several trophies and medals. She competed in the London youth games and has also attended various courses. She has trained under both masters Sensei Enoeda, 9th Dan (1935-2003) and Sensei Ohta, 7th Dan and others from around the world.  For the last 22 years she has continued to train under her father at Beckenham SKC, honing her craft and teaching abilities, where she continues to train to this day.

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Assistant Sensei Anya Fabri

Assistant Sensei Anya Fabri

Assistant Sensei Anya has been training since 2017 under her grandfather Sensei Roger Fabri at Beckenham SKC. She is the 3rd generation Fabri to pass her Shodan which she obtained in December 2021. Anya has entered and won various national tournaments, medals and trophies and still competes to this day.  She has also trained under master Sensei Ohta 7th dan and others from various countries at other courses. Since achieving her Shodan, she has been assisting in classes at Beckenham SKC where she is the youngest member of the teaching staff, as an assistant Sensei. When she is not assisting in classes or teaching a Dojo Kun class, Anya trains at Beckenham SKC. Her favourite part of karate is Kumite (fighting). She can be found in the dojo, fighting against the adult students and Sensei's whenever she can be. In 2023 Sensei Anya has worked extremely hard and achieved one of her long term karate goals by becaming a member of the JKA England Squad

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